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Need a speaker or presenter? Contact me at 585-248-8464 or Ruth@writerruth.com! 

I'm presenting several programs this fall, including webinars for the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA) and in-person classes for Writers and Books in Rochester, NY. These presentations are open to all who are interested, regardless of whether you belong to the EFA, Writers and Books, or any other organization that hosts my sessions. If you need information on these topics before then, let me know—I can usually arrange special offerings. 

Ive had lots of gratifying compliments about my lively, upbeat presentation style and detailed handouts. Here are a few.

• “I have so far attended three of your courses, the final being ‘The Basics of Editing’ course, and first wanted to thank you for all your insights and generosity in teaching.”

• “I attended Ruth Thaler-Carter’s Freelancing 101 webinar recently ... Great course, by the way, lots of good information.”

• “You did a great job. Lots of additional information tonight and some great tips!”

• “You were superb as always.”

“I knew it was going to be helpful, exciting, and resourceful. This class didn’t disappoint. I enjoyed it and learned so much. I want to take more classes with Ruth.”

For more testimonials to my speaking/teaching activities, go to: http://www.writerruth.com/testimonials 

Websites for Writers

October 2 and 16, 2017, 7–9 p.m. Eastern time; Writers and Books, Rochester, NY, in-person class


Finding an agent, publisher, and readership can be the greatest challenge for most writers, especially those just starting out. Nowadays, the key to meeting those challenges is to have a website, and it’s easier than ever to create one, whether you do it yourself or work with an expert. Find out about current options and techniques, overcoming fear of technology, important content and design elements, contact choices, costs, and other aspects of developing a compelling web presence that will help you promote and sell your writing work. The second session will give participants a chance to have their new or existing sites critiqued.
“What a content-rich class! I’m ready to set up my own website now.” –Diana Louise Carter

Freelancing 101

October 10, 2017; 7–8 p.m. Eastern time; EFA webinar


Find out what it takes to jump-start your dream of living the freelance lifestyle: setting up and organizing, finding work, networking, using resources, getting paid, combating isolation, and more from an EFA colleague who’s been there and done that, resulting in a successful freelance career for many years. Energize your freelance efforts with practical, upbeat insights into the joys and challenges of freelancing. (Even seasoned freelancers will garner new insights and useful suggestions.)

Instructor Ruth E. Thaler-Carter is the author of the EFA’s Freelancing 101: Launching Your Editorial Business; author/publisher of Get Paid to Write! Getting Started as a Freelance Writer; and creator and host of the annual “Be a Better Freelancer”® conference of Communication Central. She writes about and presents on freelancing for the An American Editor blog, Writers and Books, Lilac City Writers, American Copy Editors Society (ACES), Association of Independent Information Professionals, Society for Technical Communication (STC), Cat Writers Association, and more.

“The instructor had a firm command of the content; I felt that her previous and current experience as an editorial professional in a variety of different media qualified her to speak on the subjects presented. I was happy with the presentation style; Ruth seemed very down to earth and friendly, and I felt that her easygoing delivery made me feel as if I was having a casual and informative conversation with a friend.”

Getting Started as a Freelance Writer

October 19, 2017; 7–9 p.m. Eastern time; Writers and Books, Rochester, NY; in-person class


Getting paid to write sounds like an exciting and fairly easy thing to do–but it takes more than good writing skills and imagination. Find out how to get started as a freelance writer from someone with more than 30 years of experience. Thaler-Carter has been published locally, regionally, nationally, and even internationally; in magazines, newspapers, newsletters, and websites; for publications, not-for-profit organizations, businesses, and individuals. Learn about important characteristics for success, finding work, setting rates, getting paid, avoiding problems, and more.
“It was fantastic! The instructor was thorough and very knowledgeable.” –Sarah M. Collins

Basics of Editing & Proofreading

October 26, 2017; 7–8 p.m. Eastern time, Writers and Books, Rochester, NY; in-person class


If you have a sharp eye for errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling (without spellcheck!), and usage and wondered if you could put that talent to work for you, here’s your chance to find out what is involved in being an editor or proofreader. The class will cover essential characteristics and skills, processes, tools, and resources, pitfalls, and more, including examples and the role of important style manuals.
“Thorough and friendly introduction to the editing world. Thank you for a good class!” –Brittany Mendez

Websites for Freelancers: The Basics of Getting a Website Planned and Running

October 30, 2017, 7–8:30 p.m. Eastern time, Editorial Freelancers Association webinar


Being a talented freelance writer, editor, proofreader or other editorial professional is not enough to get clients these days. You also have to get noticed on the World Wide Web, and that means having your own website. Get tips on why freelancers should have websites, how to get a site started, whether and how to find and use templates for design, costs, crafting “content” that gets noticed, finding and working with designers, and developing an effective design that will attract clients to your work. Examples will include sites that illustrate both what to do and what not to do. Note: This is a general class, not a high-tech offering.

Presenter Ruth E. Thaler-Carter maintains and updates her own website and has created, revamped or updates/maintains sites for several clients. She has written about and presented on this topic for the EFA, STC, Writers and Books, ACES and several other professional organizations.

Basics of Editing and Proofreading

November 6, 2017; 7–8 p.m. Eastern time; Editorial Freelancers Association webinar


If you’re one of those people with strong skills in grammar and a sharp eye for typographical errors and clunky writing who is interested in working as an editor or proofreader, or if you want to improve your understanding of basic editing and proofreading skills and processes, this class is for you. Topics include necessary skills and characteristics, marks and symbols, important style manuals, editing vs. proofreading, levels of editing, using Microsoft Word and Acrobat/PDFs, and working effectively with clients and colleagues. You will also expand your files of helpful resources, including publications, organizations and more. This practical overview is applicable to both freelance and in-house colleagues. Please note that this is an overview, not hands-on training in editing and proofreading.

Presenter Ruth E. Thaler-Carter provides editing and proofreading services to a wide variety of clients, from magazines and newsletters to law, marketing and PR firms; websites; individuals; and businesses large and small. She has presented this class in person and as a webinar for the EFA, STC, Writers and Books, ACES, and other professional organizations.