Testimonials: Why clients like my work

Heres what clients and colleagues say about my contributions to their projects, publications and careers. I hope youll feel the same way about what I produce for you!

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About writing by Ruth:

“… your story is outstanding! I’d like you to take on another story for the next issue, maybe more. I’ll be in touch soon with your next assignment. Let me know how many you’d be willing to do per issue. Ideally, I’ll just keep a steady flow coming your way. Great job!” 

“Once again, you’ve delivered an excellent piece for us … this is the benchmark story we’d like to expect from now on for this. You let the manufacturers talk, gave useful information that retailers can use related to the products and structured it perfectly ... Thanks for your hard work on this …” 

“I like the press release very much. And, you put some very nice words in my mouth!”

“Thanks again for an excellent article. It’s a keeper for me!”

“Nice piece in the Brighton newsletter re: the new owners of [a local grocery store]. It was a great choice of topic and I enjoyed reading it.” 

“You are obviously a very good writer – nice voice, quickly done. Maybe we should tap you for work for hire efforts from time to time because you are ‘fast’!”

“My belated congratulations on your article in the May/June issue of Quill about websites. It’s good, which won’t surprise anyone who knows your work.”

“I’m so pleased with your submission. It’s something that we have needed for a while and I really believe the members will appreciate the content.”

“… just came across your article in the May/June Quill. Great article, especially since it’s tough to get all that info into a limited number of words to fit that space. Good job! Congratulations!!!”

“Thanks for your website writing tips last week. I’ve gathered some of them up, and posted an article called 6 Website and Blog Building Tips’ on my blog http://theadventurouswriter.com/blogwriting/website-and-blog-building-tips/ … Thanks again for the great tips!”

“Ruth is a warm, professional, and engaging writer who provided substantial editorial support for [our organization’s] annual member events ..., including biographical sketches and intros for featured celebrities. Just like her trademark color — violet — Ruth has a passion for getting it right for her clients, always with a smile.” 

“Absolutely splendid! I know that people will find this helpful.”

“Wanted to let you know that [the doctor] has won an award with the [local business newspaper, based on bio written by Ruth]. Thank you!!! … I wanted to let you know you can add this to your list of credentials! Thanks! 

“As you are one of our beloved writing veterans, I might call on you again."

“A hundred thumbs-up for your letter to the editor in today’s [newspaper]!! Your points were excellent, and let’s hope they give courage to victims of abuse. Those gifts’ are no way the same as an I’m really sorry’ box of chocolate or a get me out of the doghouse’ bouquet of flowers. By pointing out the difference, you may have helped dozens of women in the area. It’s not everyday that our writing can have such an impact, is it? Again, my congratulations. You have done a great service to the community!”

“I read your article on freelance writing and I found it quite interesting. Thanks for providing good tips. … Your article just inspired me again to contact one of the publications I had done a few articles for in the past.” 

“… I also think you give good advice in your column. As a person who only takes on freelance jobs every once in a while, I usually struggle with things like billing, and I’ve used your advice. … And I wasn’t just buttering you up with the first paragraph. I did do a local book job recently and I used your advice on how much to charge. I think I was always undercharging before. …”

“I wanted to say thank you for your valuable insights in the most recent ACES newsletter. I have it highlighted and hanging in my office, and I plan on taking all of your advice to heart! … I had to butter you up a little bit! Your article arrived in my mailbox at the absolute perfect time – I had been searching online for copyediting job boards, professional organizations and other ways to get my work out there, and now I have a whole checklist of things I can do and groups I can join …”

“I just wanted to thank you for the great article you wrote in the American Copy Editors Society Newsletter. I am a relatively new (one year) ‘dedicated’ freelance copy editor .... To make a rather long story short, your sage advice and cogent recommendations will certainly assist me in my new-found ‘plight.’”

“I … may also share your name with a division of [our organization] who has suddenly lost its communications person ... They don’t have any fall-back and you may be perfect for handling some quick turn-around items.”

“Very good article, Ruth, congratulations and thanks for posting the link. I look forward to the next three …”

“… Ruth also [co-]wrote a book on eldercare that started with me early in my over three-year journey taking care of my parents. It was an important and useful guide, and I was grateful for it.”

“… you come through on a job well done. …”

“High points for the writer [Ruth] for responsiveness to editing, and I look forward to working with her more. I think that the article has made amazing progress, and it is very exciting to be part of that dialog. It was a tough assignment, there were lots of balls in the air, but it comes off very well.”

“Nice [book] review! And as a … fan [of the author and series], I appreciate the sneak preview without any spoilers.”

“You wrote a great headline ... You are such a terrific writer! [T]hank you for this review.

“Thanks for your article in the April/May issue of Copyediting about creating a website. I have needed some direction on that for awhile.”

“… you’re one of my favorite writers for [our newsletter].”

“An article that reflects my practice and findings too. Of course, I think it is excellent!”

“Ruth E. Thaler-Carter does a great job of providing a recap of some of the highlights of the conference. I read them while I was at [the] 2011 [conference], and just read them again ... It’s great to have an overview like that. Thanks for bringing her along!”

“I read Ruth’s post about social media on the American Editor blog and found it interesting and, as is typical of Ruth’s writing, refreshingly candid and direct. ... I guess I don’t trust social media, although Ruth did convince me that taking part in them could help build business.”

“Congratulations! The article on growing older had (new) options in it that I’m not familiar with ... yet. Nice to know that our options are expanding. Well done!”

“… when I land a full-time job, you’re at the top of my list vis-a-vis freelancers. I enjoyed working with you when I was at [a regional and a national association]. Thanks also for your help and constructive advice regarding my résumé.”

“… (Ruth) is an excellent writer and experienced producer (writing, design, and print-ready layout) of newsletters of all kinds. [She is] known as [a] knowledgeable leader among my circle of editorial colleagues … I can’t recommend [her] highly enough.”

“I trust you to put together an article readers will get a lot out of.”

“i stumbled on this post by … Ruth E. Thaler-Carter <Ruth@writerruth.com> on the society of professional journalists blog. not only is it well written and chock full of good advice, but it also lets us know about some recent pressures and hardships we can all relate to. achieving and maintaining the balance is tough; that’s why we all need to be there to support each other in this quest.”

“Thanks again for writing an excellent story.”

“You’re charming and a great storyteller!”

“Your article about freelance copy editors being visible was terrific. It was so down to earth and informative. I wonder if new people can really fathom all the information that was packed into that article.”

“I’ve contacted your references, and I’ve received nothing but glowing praise, which only confirms the opinion I had already formed that you are a capable professional and someone with whom I’d like to work.”

“You are the go-to guru for all things editorial, everywhere, Ruth!”

“I recently hired Ruth to work with me on a website project for a client. The project involved rewriting, editing and enhancing content on a client’s website to improve SEO. Ruth has proved to be a reliable and creative writer, with an attention to detail (she even corrected spelling and grammar errors in my contract with her). I would wholeheartedly recommend Ruth for any job involving writing, editing, creative marketing copy, tech writing or any other task involving precise use of the English language.”

“Thank you so much for the great article you wrote on planning for long term care …! It is so important to think ahead and be prepared in case of an emergency—and your piece clearly conveyed that. …”

“Hi, thanks for those articles last week. It made quite a difference in a hurry.

“… I am thrilled to know that such a brilliant and talented writer lives right here in Rochester! I came across your website tonight and have been taking in all that you have accomplished and what you continue to do.”

The article is terrific - (Ruth) did a great job, in my opinion. Congratulations on pulling us up a few notches!

"SPLENDID! I love your writing style. Thanks so much.

Loved your last release. Yep - nice clean and logical release. Usually I have to rewrite parts or my supervisor asks, who the heck is writing these - not a peep out of him for this one and he didnt change anything, either!

You did an excellent job on your article about [association] members’ activities as volunteers. You avoided the sense of repetitiousness or choppiness that can afflict a roundup piece by writing with variety and making good use of quotations. You also avoided the sentimentality that often mars articles in this genre. Yet you never seemed to be reaching for effect. Very well done! Thanks.

Thank you very much for being a solid rock. You are dependable, professional, conscientious and trustworthy. Rare traits in workers these days - whether on staff or consultants. I really value your help.

“(Your) article is great ... (a) terrific contribution to the magazine.”

“Great job on the profile. The writing in the introduction was superb! The reader can tell that you had a lot of fun doing this interview!”

“Great story! It has a lot of information and it emphasizes the international and HR angles. Good job!”

“(Ruth is) ... an excellent writer (with) sound judgment, sensitivity to public reactions; thorough; fast, productive; outstanding at handling complicated material; excels at simplifying issues without clouding them.”

“... I applaud your writing on this topic ...”

“As a writer with Bumbershoot, Inc. and a content developer with Opportunity Visions, I found I had a great need for using press releases to promote the businesses, but I had no experience in the how-to of doing them. When I mentioned I was looking for help on LinkedIn, Ruth Thaler-Carter stepped right up and offered to teach me. She provided numerous references, which were impeccable, and so I decided to take her up on her offer. She walked me through every step of the process of writing, revising, and assessing the outcome of each draft I did, with great insight and patience. She was never critical, only helpful in her comments on content, format, and style. In addition, she was always available for questions, and she never made me feel that I was less of a writer for not knowing how to do something before I learned it in the first place. I would recommend her instructional services for anyone interested in learning how to become a better writer and/or editor.”

... editing and proofreading by Ruth:

“Thanks again, this is really important, your efforts in cleaning up what I said make me look REALLY good.”

“Thanks Ruth, ... your editing is so beautiful, you’re a word smith of the highest order.”

“Ruth was fantastic to work with in every aspect - the dynamic of proofreader and designer is not always easy, however Ruth’s way of work was super-professional yet cheerful, and so the work at hand was done easily. I highly recommend Ruth Thaler-Carter and I look forward to work with her again.”

“They greatly appreciate your suggested changes: Great edits, she’s a lifesaver.’”

“Ruth, anything you have your hands on turns out great.”

“… thank you for polishing my [artist] appreciation. You did a beautiful job.”

“[The author] accepted your edits with a clean sweep …”

“You could not find a more experienced or qualified copyeditor than Ruth.”

“Ruth is the proofreader ... We can take some or all of her comments (I would recommend all). …”

“EXCELLENT catches[,] and thanks!”

“I love how fast you work as I am crunching deadlines myself.”

“As I may have told you my thesis was approved and I have completed the LL.M. program. I have not worked with a professional editor before, and I found it extremely helpful. I can’t imagine submitting anything for publication without [your] assistance.”

“I worked with Ruth on a project for … a major contractor for [a federal agency]. We were converting thousands of pages of unformatted Microsoft Word documents into electronic format. It was a logistical nightmare. There were four writers working on the project and Ruth stepped up and made sure every electronic page was proofread perfectly. The project would have bombed without Ruth.”

“I have to say I don’t know how I would get through these magazine issues without you.”

“Your edited proofs arrived today and I incorporated almost everything you marked … you got a lot more that I missed.”

“I can see how much work you invested into it, and the care you took. Thanks again, this is really important, your efforts in cleaning up what I said make me look REALLY good.”

“You[’re] good. I was having a hard time with some spots, and you fixed ’em.”

“Very impressed with your re-edit ... like the way you switched the order of things and especially pushing the list of articles, and my background all ending up on the second page.”

“Ruth is reliable, prompt, knowledgeable and thorough. She turns articles around as needed and makes our authors look better in print.
“She suggests ways to improve articles and the overall ‘look of the book,’ and comes up [with] story ideas as well.
“... I would count on Ruth to be up to speed on whatever the business or the magazine requires.
“Ruth is a one-person freelance ‘shop,’ ... she’s polite, professional and pleasant in her interactions with me, and tactful whenever she interacts directly with our authors.
“She does a thorough job of editing articles so the authors look good while retaining their ‘voices’ and responding to what we think our readers will need from our articles. Ruth is very effective in working with whatever we throw at her.”

“Ruth: thank you for all your careful attention to the documents, including the math problem. I think you found a number of important typos and raised my awareness of a few wording choices that needed some attention. I did not always agree with your recommended revisions, however, you made me reconsider what we had in some awkward spots. I thank you for all of that.”

“I so appreciate all of your work and service excellence. Looking forward to another great year working together.”

“What a wonderful resource you are.”

“By the way, the finished books looked terrific. Everyone was v[e]ry pleased.”

“Thank you so much for the editing ... I especially thank you for catching the Eros/creator thing. I believe I may have misconstrued that.”

“… if Ruth E. Thaler-Carter were to edit my work (which I’m hoping will be happening soon), I wouldn’t question a single edit. I would take it at face value and make her changes.”

“What a pleasure to see an editor as meticulous as you are. Brava.”

“you provided high quality markups.”

“Thank you for faxing the hard copy edits over so quickly! Your edits look great and we’d love to move forward and have you complete the rest of the first half of the manuscript.”

“... I really appreciated your thorough review of the … program slide set and it would be a great opportunity to work with you again. … You are the greatest!!”

“You make me sound soooo much better ;-)”

“Ruth, I made your recommended changes and believe this is one of the better chapters. Thank you so much for making magic.”

“I did a quick buzz through the opening pages and your edits look right on — and you spotted precisely the little things we overlook.”

“ … thanks for all you put into this, both in writing the original pieces and particularly in this editing job. … I think your edits make it better. …”

“... the lead litigation partner of our (RFP) response ... commented that never has he had a proofreader review and provide such thorough and consistent edits.”

“Your edits made a world of difference with this publication. The subject matter is a hard read by itself but with the edits it's easier to read.”

“Just a quick note to say it was great to work with you on the newsletter -- however briefly. You caught so many things that might have been missed had you not looked it over and all of your suggestions were right-on.”

“Very good...a light yet necessary hand.”

“I've now had a chance to sit down and read my piece, and wanted to thank you for the fine editing job that you did. I really appreciate that you kept my voice and did only a light edit.”

... newsletters by Ruth:

“… just wanted to congratulate you on a beautiful [chapter] newsletter.  I … have already forwarded this to our president; we need to be doing something like this. It’s absolutely perfect!!”

“Ruth really does a bang up job on the newsletter. We are so lucky to have her.”

“I just wanted to let you know that I thought you did a particularly bang-up job on the Jul-Aug newsletter. Great content (and I really enjoyed seeing the photos from the annual meeting) and nice job with the layout!” 

“I must say that the Newsletter is one of the most jam-packed publications that I receive. … (Oh, and I never find typos. Spell-check doesn’t catch all of them, so you must really work overtime.)”

“The [association] newsletter, Ruth, was exceptional, as always.”

“I’ve been meaning to say ... how great the 13th Corner [newsletter of the Brighton Schools Alumni Association] looks! Nice work!”

“Just a belated note of congratulations on the appearance of the latest newsletter. It came out well, and it amazes me that this publication just keeps rolling along thanks to your efforts.”

“The July-August [newsletter] is your best yet. It’s solidly informative, & the added 2 pages, up to 10, contribute to its effectiveness. Congratulations.”

“I want to thank you … for your great work on the newsletter …”

“The latest NL is top-drawer, as usual.”

“Ruth, I have now received the newsletter. Thanks for all that you did to get it assembled and published so effectively.”

“… thanks for all the work you do to pull the newsletter together. I read it cover to cover as soon as it arrives!”

You should have heard the ohs, ahs, eows, wows, fantastics and other assorted appreciative sounds ... as we were handed our newsletters. It looks really new, bright, shiny, and exciting - and the articles are really timely and well written and caught my interest. This is a fabulous newsletter! The design is freshened up, the writing is crisp, there are more pictures, the stories are interesting, and the subject matter certainly is urgent!

This is to let you know how nicely designed recent issues (of our association newsletter) look, and how I really look forward to receiving it now. It’s become very readable since you’ve been working on it, both in its appearance and content. Thanks so much for your time and effort!

In my opinion, you’re doing a magnificent job with the (association) newsletter. I find myself devouring it, word for word! Thank you for doing this.

“... a significant accomplishment ... an attractive, informative and professional publication ... one of the finest in the country.”

“This is a remarkable newsletter, full of informative material ...”; “Your newsletter is ... delivering information that caregivers need.”

... presentations by Ruth:

“Ruth is a wonderful teacher.

“I just wanted to let you know that although I wasn’t able to be online during the webinar itself, I just watched it via this link and found it very helpful.”

“… I remember seeing you speak for AM&P in Chicago forever ago (back in the SNAP days). I remember really being impressed and appreciating the presentation immensely.”

“… Ruth, your voice sounds exactly as I imagined it would, and you are a natural teacher. You’d be great in front of a jury ...”

“I’m currently in a certificate program for editors … and am absorbing as much information as I can find from professionals in the field; this has been one of the better sources.”

“Ruth is well-informed and easy to listen to.”

“I attended your presentation, Basics of Copyediting & Proofreading, at ACES 2013 in St. Louis. Despite the random fire alarm, it was a great presentation.”

“Saw you at the recent ACES conference, too, and a colleague and I both mentioned how much we enjoyed your presentation.”

“It was actually Ruth’s name in the presenter list that caught my eye for the conference itself, since I regard her so highly from here on LI. :)” 

“… thank you so much for the excellent session last night at Writers & Books. Your personality is lovely, I greatly appreciate receiving the handouts (which I call “take home value,” a term I learned working for [an organization] many years ago) and I enjoyed the material. It must have been quite challenging to cram it all into one session — I had so many questions that would have taken us into more depth than time allowed and I'm sure others did too. You’re a true mental generalist and I admire that greatly.

“Your presentation was well-organized and informative. Your talk confirmed some of what I already know, and gave me new ideas for resources and organizations to explore. Thanks again!”

“… I have never [before] had everyone to ask for the recording.”

“Thank you so much for presenting The Basics of Editing and Proofreading …! I learned so much from you and feel hopeful about being able to pursue starting a proofreading and editing business. This is something I have wanted to do and have been encouraged to do for many years, but didn't know how or where to start. For my birthday this year, I gave myself the “gift” of investing time and effort to learn to be a proofreader and editor. When I received the email … listing this class, I knew it was the beginning of an exciting adventure for me.” 

“… I attended one of your workshops in DC a few years back and really enjoyed what you had to say there as well.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, again! You really helped excite me about becoming a working writer, not just some office schlub writing on the side for gas money!”

“Thanks so much for an outstanding class!! You should get nothing but nice messages in your inbox! You do a great job!” 

“Thank you also for your seminar, which I found very helpful. It was good to hear that you can indeed make a living as a generalist. If one of my chosen focus areas suffers a slowdown, or if I just get bored, it’s good to know that there's another option.”

“I enjoyed your presentation in Indianapolis. Thanks for the great tips, and all the enthusiasm. I am doing some freelance while working on a book based on the link below. You helped me believe that a decent writing life after newspapers (I took a buyout) is possible!”

“Your workshop was good—unpretentious, accessible, well done in all. I’m glad I came.”

“I just wanted to thank you for your presentation at the ACES conference last weekend.

I have nowhere near your experience …, but I have enough experience to know how valuable your information is. Of the three days of presentations at the conference, yours was the best - and exactly what I had been hoping for. In any case, thanks for taking the time to come out and share your advice.”  

“If the other speakers are as good as you are, it should be a terrific event.”

“Thanks so much for the wonderful workshop at Writers and Books last Wednesday. The information that you provided was pertinent, inspiring, and easy to follow. I am very glad that I was able to attend.”  

“Another wonderful workshop! Thanks so much for all of the great advice. I'm looking forward to the November workshop on websites. I am in the process of deciding on a domain name and brainstorming on design ideas for my future site. I remembered that yours was very eye-catching and thought that I would take a closer look ...”  

“your classes are chocked full of information — your editing and proofreading class was so beneficial — thank you for always be willing to share your wisdom.” 

“… when I saw that Ruth would be presenting at the conference, I was thrilled. Her talk was both helpful and inspiring, and I enjoyed her company at meals, as did my friends. I hope that next year she’ll be back …!”

“ruth — i wanted to thank you — since completing your course, i have been offered two paid editing jobs — one a doctoral dissertation and one a book that is being sent off for publication — thank you for always being willing to share your gifts and talents with others.” 

“Ruth is a smart, prolific writer and editor, and a generous [association] colleague. Her workshops and presentations are thorough, stimulating, and highly accessible!” 

“[I] learned a lot from listening to you on today’s panel [on writing for nonprofits]. You gave some really good, specific information and are always so professional. Actually, I heard about the webinar from your note a couple of weeks ago on the [e-mail discussion] list. Thanks so much for mentioning it. It has been hugely valuable already. 

“I just wanted to thank you again for sharing so much helpful information at the workshops. (I’m looking forward to hunkering down with my laptop and checking out all the resources listed in the handouts!) Thanks again—I’m so glad I made the trip!”

“… I expected to get a lot out of your class on editing, and I wasn’t disappointed. …”

“I enjoyed your workshop and found it very informative.”

“Your classes were great.”

 “Thank you for an interesting and informative evening! I enjoyed the workshop and your personable presentation. ... I came to learn. ... … Listening, to you, was enlightening and encouraging. Thank you for an illuminating workshop!” 

“Many thanks for a great presentation last night … It was interesting to listen to your presentation last night, given I have hired freelancers and I’ve worked [as] a freelancer (albeit for only one client). So, I could appreciate your presentation from both perspectives.

“Right now, I am in this awkward place where I feel the need to dip my toe in the water before I make the big splash. Your presentation inspired me to look for some low-key (non-paying) writing opportunities so I have the confidence to jump back into it.”

“[A colleague]’s help brought me to your presentation on self-publishing at [a local networking organization event]. It was a trip well worth the efforts!

“Your presentation came at the perfect and appropriate time. I printed out your PP presentation ... I found very much useful information. Instead of trying to right away publishing the book on astrophysics, I learned from you that it may be more practical to start out publishing the chapters as books through the website. …

Anyway, I am still excited about your presentation and information, and I want to thank you for your efforts to present your knowledge.”

“Ruth, I think you’d be a great choice [as a speaker] – experienced, knowledgeable, personable, responsive! Woo hoo!”

“Ruth is a smart, prolific writer and editor, and a generous [association] colleague. Her workshops and presentations are thorough, stimulating, and highly accessible!”

“I was in two classes that Ruth did in D.C. in May 2009. I learned a lot about freelancing and websites, and had a great time. She was very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly.”

“thanks for a great class. You make newsletters and freelancing sound so good, I want to jump right in.”

“Thank you for your excellent, expert teaching.”

“Participants gave you ‘fives’ across the board, the highest mark.”

“... a veritable star! an outstanding session ... entertaining, enlightening, thought-provoking; information invaluable; readers will benefit on continuing basis.”

“Concise, practical, lots of specifics”;“Knowledgeable”; “Organized”; “I learned a lot.”

“Ruth is a jewel!”

... advice/commentary/posts by Ruth:

“I’m busy practicing all the techniques you taught me over the last couple of weeks …”

“I just found your website via Google+ and wanted to thank you. I’m just beginning a freelance writing/editing career and reading about your experience and accomplishments has really inspired me! I'm determined to leave the corporate world behind and start enjoying life. 
“Congratulations on your successful career and thanks again for inspiring me to pursue my dream as a freelance writer/editor.”

“Thanks so much. INVALUABLE help to me. I have a couple of other projects I could use your help on this month. I look forward to working together.”

“I always read and have always enjoyed your commentary both personal and professional. You are such an entrepreneur and positive person, and I have turned to your website more than once for help. … like you, I am a ‘generalist’ writer — pretty much I can research and write about most topics, just as you do.”

“… you DO contribute so much that’s inspiring, practical, and fun.”

“I have over time read some of your material and the relevance to our group. You understand the economics of self-employment, and particularly, freelance editing and writing.”

“… Your freelancing columns have been a tremendous help to me personally as I left the corporate world for contracting in 2013.”

“Great feedback, and it sounds like you’ve got a great system for keeping track of your work.”

“… among all the postings and comments on the [e-mail discussion] list yours are definitely among the most professional and intelligent. Really. …”

“I’m reading Ruth E. Thaler-Carter’s ‘Freelancing 101’ and working my way through Katharine O'Moore-Klopf's ‘Copyeditors’ Knowledge Base.’ (These are both incredible resources, so a big THANK YOU to the authors.)”

“If they said, ‘You’ll be a leader in your field’ they were right! I see your posts and comments all over the place, and they’re always sound and full of good content.”

“Thanks so much for your tips on time management, Ruth. I had never considered updating my site just once a week and at a specified time. That will be a huge timesaver. Plus, I had been spending far too much time keeping up with my fellow Twitterers, etc. I’m a fan and have been following your advice posted on [discussion lists] for several years.”

“Take Ruth Thaler-Carter’s thoughtful advice.”

“… you always had such helpful things to say to your writing and editing colleagues …”

“I’m going for honesty rather than kindness because at the point when I joined, I really enjoyed the content here and found it very helpful. I learned things from Ruth and others that improved my business practices and my writing. I miss it, and plan to start reading again in hopes of seeing more of those posts.”

“[I] look forward to your no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is comments, especially concerning clients who want to get away with paying next to nothing.”

“just used your advice with a new dissertation client. She and I were in negotiation back in April, but I charged more than she could afford ... some extensions and shopping around later, she wrote last week to say she liked my editing best [and] the price seems quite reasonable now.”

“Platform is vital. No one is saying it isn’t. But platform is about YOU, not about the BOOK. Ruth has platform coming out of her ears. So when she writes a book about making it as a freelance writer and editor, there will already be thousands of people who know her name and find her credible on that subject. When she announces the title, her credibility, based on her platform, will attach to the book. See how that works?”

“I have read a number of your emails to various people and I would like to commend you for being a sane, stable voice. … I have come to regard your replies as possessing a certain ethical status and wanted you to know that. Sometimes we forget the effect we're having on others - especially if we are used to being ‘in the public eye’ in some way.… you may be used to validation but I don't think it ever gets old.”

“Thanks, Ruth. … I find your comments some of the most valuable in the LinkedIn groups I haunt. Your advice echoes the info I found on some non-LinkedIn boards in occupations more reliant on retainer work, so I’m grateful for the confirmation.”

“I was hoping you would reply: You have great advice ... I bought your guide for freelancers and found it inspiring. In my third year as a freelancer, I am getting good traction …”

“And if Ruth E. T-C tells you it’s so, you can count on that, too. [A] great source of editorial wisdom and editorial-business wisdom.”

“You are so great at providing practical ‘scripts’ that freelancers can use in various professional situations. Have you considered compiling these? It would be such a helpful tool!”

“I just want to thank you again for taking the time to reply to my dilemma. I have noticed your comments in other prior posts and they are always great and right on target! … I appreciate all that you do!”

“I have read on the [association e-mail list] your fount of excellent advice about how to conduct an editorial freelancing business without mishap.”

“I’m relatively new to these forums (and editing in general) but I wanted you to know that, after perusing just a few different threads, I’ve found your comments to be most informative. Thank you for your help!”

“Ruth’s suggestions are excellent. ...”

“Ruth, I keep seeing you in discussions and you’re always giving such good advice! Bit of a guru in a largely uncharted landscape :)”

“While I am not new to academic editing, I am new to looking for work outside the school where I have been editing. I wanted to personally thank you for your posts to the forums. Your answers have given me a great deal of information to help me move forward. I will also be looking at memberships in the organizations you have mentioned. Thank you for sharing your valuable experience with all of us!”

“Excellent advice. I must have gotten this advice from you before, because I have internalized it. I now prefer this method: find a salaried job that fits my experience and is in my market, then double that salary and divide by 2000 to find the hourly rate. As you said, this accounts for a lot of overhead (we don’t need to account for the additional benefit of medical insurance in Canada) and also takes into account the market (such as publishing or journals) and my qualifications. Plus, it’s super quick, and accurate enough.Now that I am a senior editor, I really like your arguments about project rates. I also impress upon my science clients, the particular advantages (expediency and accuracy) of hiring a specialist as opposed to a generalist.”
“I also want to tell you how helpful I'm finding ‘Freelancing 101.’ It answers so many questions as I prepare to moonlight as a freelance editor. I also find your discussion comments in the [LinkedIn] group[s] enlightening and informative.”

“I want to thank you for all you do in the freelance editing realm. When I went to the ACES conference last year, which was my first conference ever, a few people stuck out as ‘ambassadors’ of the career. One was … you. Thanks so much.”

“You give excellent advice that we must always be learning, growing our skillsets, adapting to changing times and shifting language. … 
“At any rate, thank you on behalf of myself and other writers and editors out there for sharing your knowledge and experience.’

“… thank you so very much for coordinating this program and for introducing me to Ruth. She has provided an amazing amount of information and suggestions to help me find non-local work. It is going to keep me very busy for quite a while!”

“I always looked forward to reading your posts. You are professional, thoughtful, kind, and smart. You are a primary reason that the [association] is as successful as it is. You contribute greatly to its character as a networking tool and give freelancers, especially women freelancers, the confidence to see themselves as professionals to be respected. I applaud you and admire you. 
“Thanks for all your good advice and kind words over the years.”

“You are always so helpful to everyone on this list and the [e-mail] discussion list. I’m especially impressed by your advice on how to word things to clients – a wonderful combination of professional confidence and goodwill.
“Thanks again for your generosity …”

“… I wanted to privately thank you for all you try to do to help members of the group. It is appreciated more than you know. I’m a lone writer who moved from Washington, DC, last summer and is eking it out in Portland, OR. I keep up on the list because so much of the advice is not specific to Washington. You have been especially encouraging to people who were at their wit’s end and your positive energy buoys up the group.”

“Just wanted to say that I thought your reply to the person who’d sent out résumés with typos was perfect - sympathetic and practical. It’s that type of friendly reply without judgment that I appreciate …”

“I enjoy all of your posts and have learned a lot from you. Thanks for being so active on this discussion forum!”

“You are a wonderful source of support to freelance writers and editors between your conferences and frequent contributions to lists. I'm glad I got a chance to meet you in person two years ago and hope our paths will cross in the real world again.
“You are such an asset to the [organization]. I wish I still lived on the East Coast so I had a better chance of attending one of your workshops.”

“… you have always been gracious and unselfish with your time, ideas, and advice. That matters very much to many of us out here scraping by in the wilderness. …”

“… I really value your opinions on all topics. Wow. Thanks for the insight. … 
“… definitely send me the invites to your discussion groups. Anything that has your name on it is golden. No questions asked.
“Thanks for being such a terrific friend and mentor ...”


“I thought your comment was very thoughtful. … You’re always so generous and thoughtful in your posts. I am most impressed by your expertise and your big heart. Thanks for all you share with all of us.”

“I have always appreciated Ruth’s contributions to the list …”

“Ruth helps make this list the positive marketplace of serious ideas that it used to be and that I would like it again to be.”

“Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your common sense advice in the freelancers’ chats. Some of these folks are a little out there but you treat them with professionalism and grace.”

“[W]hen I visited LinkedIn yesterday after an absence of some months, your name was among a list of suggested contacts. You gave me some welcome guidance many moons ago, via the Freelance Editing Network discussion board, about editing in Word. I enjoy reading your posts — so that’s the connection; it’s pretty one-sided — I’m a fan!”

“… I’ve read a lot of your posts and have found your advice very helpful (I am just starting my freelance career). …”

“… thanks for you[r] help and responses. You’ve been one of the most consistently helpful and offer very cogent advices on these fora and I really appreciate it!”

“Just wanted to thank you for the excellent response in the [LinkedIn] discussion board, where you posted your recommendations for writers’ organizations. I have been a creative director/commercial writer for 20 years, but only recently became a full-time freelance consultant — and I wanted you to know how much someone like me appreciates your taking time to post such a complete and thoughtful answer.”

“You really are a treasure to the freelance writing/editing world.”

“… I skim it to get the best posts. Yours are among the best.”

“… Your writing ‘voice’ was already familiar to me, so it added to the great ‘neighbor’ or ‘community’ image I have with the [discussion list]. As ‘flattery,’ please accept it as tribute, by all means. You’re a talented and witty professional, and I have learned a lot from you. … I’ve also read posts from people who write in to praise you ... God, does that make me a ‘groupie’? …”

“… you’ve given our aspiring writers some great inspiration …”

“… thank you again for your general advice and your idea on creating an internal newsletter on grammar and writing lessons for the [museum] staff. I will propose the concept to my boss tomorrow when I return to work. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled. …”

“Ruth, thank you for all you do for freelance editors.”

“I also must say that Ruth is one of the absolute *treasures* of [the discussion list]!”

“… I always read your responses to the [list] discussions because you always seem to have the answers and it doesn’t take you very long. We’re in the middle of a major course revision/update effort here and, if you detected a faintly wistful tone to my admiration, it was because I could wish you here on staff, just now.”

“… I've been reading your postings to the [organization] site for a few months now. I am very impressed with your professionalism, your experience, and the clear and kind way you communicate. …”

“Oh Ruth, you’re a burst of light in my day! Thank you!!”

“… I truly appreciate all of your contributions to the freelance writing/editing world.”

“After a few years of following many groups and their chats, I feel compelled to let you know that I am grateful for LinkedIn because of people like you. You stand out as one who is unstinting in your willingness to give excellent advice to newbies, and from my point of view, your advice is always spot-on. You know our business from the inside-out, you share what you know ... You are a true professional. I thank you for all the people whom you help.”

“I enjoy and learn from your informational posts. Your information is valuable.”

“You've always struck me as the sanest person on the listservs that you and I are on, and I respect your opinion.”

“[W]anted you to know that you have been an asset to me and my business. I follow your advice implicitly and that alone has served me well. I thought it was time I thanked you. Thank you!”

“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the meeting last night. You are incredibly generous with your time and knowledge and I really appreciate it. It’s also so nice to get together with like-minded people.”

“I was about to post exactly what Ruth did, so I won’t repeat it, but I will say that her advice and suggestions are right on point, on all counts.” 

“Ruth’s advice and suggestions are ALWAYS right on point, on all counts, everywhere I've seen her post lately. Seriously good advice…”

“Ruth rocks.”

“Ruth provided a lot of good information in her response to [a colleague], who asked about POD services ... 
“When Ruth advises, ‘creating, designing and finalizing the cover and book before it goes to the publishing service. If someone were to come to me for help with a new book project, I would strongly recommend getting it designed and finalized before it goes to the publishing company,’ I’d have to agree …”

“I appreciate your contributions to [discussion list] very much, particularly the good will you so often spread (in addition to the knowledge you share).”

“I’ve been on the [e-mail discussion] list with you for a while and really admire the knowledge and drive you share with the rest of the list. Thanks for that.”

“one of the pieces of advice i remember you giving us was to work our networks — most of my editing opportunities (large and small) have come from my former professors at seminary — it was also helpful knowing what are reasonable prices to charge and what is a page …”

“I am fairly new on LinkedIn and very new to the freelancing editing business. Having signed up for various Editing Groups on LinkedIn, I have found that your comments/insights/advice have been very informative, helpful, intelligent, and straightforward. Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us.”

“Hi Ruth, You do such great work! I always enjoy your comments, and learn from them too. One of the great things about LI is that I get to have fellow editor ‘pals.’ I’ve almost always worked by myself in my home, and enjoy doing so. Yet I often have that urge to simply ask another editor, ‘What do you do with this?’ or ‘Look at this!’ Thanks again! Know that you are much appreciated.”

“… to ignore Ruth? Shameless!!”

“Ruth seems so elegant and classy. She reminds me of my high school English teacher, and I mean that as a compliment[,] Ruth.”

“Ruth, you should be in *every* editorial professional’s personal knowledge base.”

“Your consistent presentation is that of the consummate professional.”

“Not sure why it’s always Ruth, but she certainly steps up and takes on more than her share. Nicely done, Ruth.”

“I’ve found Ruth’s numerous contributions to the groups in which we both participate very helpful over the years. ... Perhaps Ruth’s inner indexer is at work there, striving to make it easier to retrieve information from the thread after the fact.”

“I just wanted to thank you personally for your sympathetic post on the discussion list … Your posts are always helpful and tactful. It’s great having colleagues like you!”

“I just wanted to let you know that your name comes up a lot. I presume you must operate from a philosophy of wanting to help others. Brava for that. Your comments are straightforward, relevant and useful. I just ordered your book as a result of reading your insights.”

“I’ve noticed you make the most intelligent comments on this site. …”

“Ruth, as we near the end of the year I am reminded to send notes of appreciation. You are first on my list this year. ‘Following’ you on the [association] list serve is a total pleasure. You have a clear head and are supportive of your colleagues. I love reading your posts and noting your wit. Thank you for everything you do and the spirit you share.”

“I’ve come to see you as the group watchdog. I’d follow your lead anywhere. Thanks for being there.”

“as usual Ruth is the professional, the expert and the voice of reason on this 'pointless' but interesting discussion. simply read her posts and you have the answer to the original question.”

“I really appreciate all the knowledgeable comments you make in the groups.”

“I just want to say how much I value your contributions to the various LI groups which we both happen to be part of. I am a Canadian freelance production editor, and for a long while now, I have noticed that you always have something very insightful, practical, and helpful to say. Thank you!”

“Ruth: Just being truthful. You’re my invisible mentor!” 
“I think a lot of us feel that way about her! I don't think I’ve ever posted in this group before, but I ‘knew’ Ruth a long time ago in another group. I came out of lurkerdom just to add my agreement to that statement.”

“By the way, Ruth, I consider you a mentor in many ways, although you haven’t offered!”

“Trust me, Ruth E. Thaler-Carter knows what she’s talking about!”

“… I remember an unusual number of really happy kids from Brighton, but that was probably because they were around you at the time I saw them. …”